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About us

Guangzhou Onix bag Co., a subsidiary of HongKong

Onix Industrial Co.,Ltd. ,It is a research and

development,production,sales as one of the luggage/

handbag production enterprises.

The main products are: outdoor travel products,electronic

digital peripheral packaging products and backpacks,

Children's bags,computer bags,toolkits,camera bags,game

bag,gift bags,pencils cases,glasses cases,cosmetic cases,

etc.Specializing in special materials hot pressure

molding production:EVA materialsABS materials、PC

materials、PET materials、PP materials、aluminum metal

materials luggage products.

The company operates its own two brands(Onix)(NaMa).Novel

exterior design,high quality raw materials and excellent

function design,The products are widely loved by the

public for theirenvironmental protection comfort and


The company looks forward to the future,sustainable

development,and creates win-win with the domestic and

foreign customer,hand in hand!

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